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Tipard PDF Cutter 3.0

Simple splitting tool to cut and extract selected pages from your PDF files
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Tipard PDF Cutter is a simple one-task application that allows you to extract selected pages from a PDF file or to split it into various sections according to a cutting method of your choice. This program combines an extremely easy-to-use interface with the flexibility that the different splitting methods available provide.

As said, this PDF cutter can be used as a simple page extraction utility for unprotected PDF documents. When selecting the page or pages to extract, you can define and combine various ranges, following the same patterns used in many other applications when selecting the pages to be sent to the printer, for instance. Thus, you can select both individual page numbers and page ranges separated by an hyphen, and combine them – using commas as delimiters - in any way you see fit (3,7-9,12,15…). The program will generate as many PDF files as pages and page ranges selected.

But the main purpose of this application is to allow you to split full PDF documents into a number of smaller files. Note that unlike when extracting pages, cutting a document affects to the whole file. Tipard PDF Cutter lets you cut the file by every x number of pages, using the bookmarks in the file (usually delimiting chapters, subchapters, etc.), by specific page ranges, or by defining a fixed number of output files. As a bonus, the program includes an extra cutting method based in the extraction capabilities defined above – the difference here is that the page or pages extracted will be saved in one single file. The rest of the pages can be either saved in a different file or simply ignored.

Whatever the method used, the resulting file or files will retain the same level of quality of the source file used.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and easy-to-use application, suitable for all users
  • Flexible cutting customization settings
  • Quick splitting process


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